If you have followed us at all you may have realized that we didn’t spend much time updating our website. Over the past few months, the good folks at Sperling Interactive from Salem MA. have worked hard creating a new site for us that is much more in line with who we are. Working with local businesses provides a greater degree of access, trust and results. As you can see, we are a Salem business too. We love it here.

Louise Michaud and Mike Magee of Pictures From the Sky

In addition to the website, we have worked hard at and are very excited to announce being granted our FAA 333 exemption. This means that because one of us is a licensed pilot we are authorized by the FAA to fly drones commercially. We are working diligently to extend that exemption with additional clearances from the FAA to fly in even more restricted airspace around New England., or throughout the country We have a deep understanding of the rules and regulations that few people do. These are GOOD rules designed for aviation and public safety.

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