Commercial Photography

By switching perspectives from the ground to the sky, an image or video of a commercial property can emphasize the visual appeal of any area or space. With the options available for low altitude drone or airplane shots we can spotlight a commercial property for your purposes. For example, many companies in the past have used our technology to:

  • Conduct inspections on a building or plot of land.
  • Collect data and images for insurance purposes.
  • Advertise their property or service.
  • Build a beautiful portfolio for developers, real estate agents and architects.
  • Highlight a property including buildings both large and small.
  • Create weekly or monthly shots during critical construction phases to show progression of work.
  • Produce stills and videos of properties at any time of day and any time of year to allow clients, owners or visitors to see the property from a variety of viewpoints.
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Real Estate Development

They say that seeing is believing so help promote the beauty, expanse or location of a premises by highlighting the area through aerial photography. Give your clients a one-of-a-kind experience viewing a property, it’s structures and acreage. By using aerial photography agents, owners and clients can:

  • Showcase a premier property as well as the surrounding natural beauty or location.
  • Gain insight into the land survey and surrounding structures for documentation and insurance purposes.
  • Produce a visually appealing real estate portfolio of recently sold properties or properties on the market currently.
  • Create personal property art.
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Broadcast + Film

Communicating your story can go from a typical film or broadcast to an ultra high resolution photography masterpiece by virtue of the extraordinary perspective from the sky. We have invested in the best handheld and aerial cinematography technology that’s available to make your “story” come alive. Some of our past work has included:

  • Site scouting
  • Aerial B-Roll for context
  • Opening and closing shots
  • Anything higher than a crane but lower than a helicopter
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Marketing + Advertising

Marketing is a complex strategy to communicate with your audience about your product or service. If a picture is truly worth a thousand words then our ultra high resolution aerial photography can set your business apart from the rest. Our extensive experience can promote your business. We encourage our valued customers to be an integral part of the photo shoot. We advocate that our clients watch the live cameras and help shape the shots as they are happening. In the past marketing photos have included:

  • Wedding or corporate event venues from any perspective.
  • Event advertising for small businesses.
  • Recruiting purposes for college or universities giving a unique view of the campus.
  • Advertising large equipment, buildings or land.
  • Aerial displays of product usage, from low altitude follow shots to 360 context
See examples in our portfolio