About Us

pftsfaaPictures from the Sky combines both years of professional photographic experience with a love of technology to bring clients ultra high resolution aerial photography for a wide range of services. Our team can offer exclusive access to aerial photography that is hard to come by due to the complexities of U.S. airspace regulations. Thankfully we not only have the photography skill and tech ”know-how,” but we also have a licensed and skilled pilot on our team that enables us to be granted a coveted Section 333 Grant of Exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration. This allows us to safely utilize airspace for photographic purposes.




Pictures from the Sky invests and carefully maintains the most advanced high end video and photography. Some of our equipment:

photo of drone
  • Freefly Systems Alta 6 used as the helicopter component (N52PS)
  • Freefly Systems Movi M5 used as the gyro stabilized camera gimbal.
  • Canon 5dMKIII full frame cameras and prime lenses
  • Amimon Connex used for HD video streaming from camera to ground monitors.
photo of drone

For standard shoots we use the following equipment:

  • DJI Inspire1 integrated UAV (N63PS)
  • Dual operator with second video monitor
  • Zenmuse X3 gyro stabilized camera gimbal
    • 12.4mp Stills
    • 4K video capture up to 4096×2160 24fps, 1920×1080 at up to 60fps

Both systems have dual operator setups which include a pilot and a camera operator focusing entirely on their own tasks.  Both systems also provide the ability for the client to monitor and influence the flight and photography or video.

Meet the Team

  • Mike Magee

    Whether you want to shoot landscapes, nature, real estate, commercial property, or an image for your marketing campaign, Mike Magee has the perfect combination of well honed skills needed to get the job done. While Mike is an engineer by trade, he lives to capture images that tell a story with the technology that only a self-proclaimed “Mad Scientist” would love. As a habitual learner, Mike has attended UMass Boston, Salem State University and Boston University in his tenacious drive to learn more about the ever evolving technology needed to sustain his three professional loves: Technology, Aviation and Photography. In addition, Mike has been a Private Instrument pilot for 30+ years, which allows him to blend his  three passions into a career as an aerial photographer!  

  • Louise Michaud

    Louise Michaud is a Master Photographer considered by her peers and professionals as one of the best on the North Shore. Louise, a Salem native, has a BFA in Visual Design from Southeastern Massachusetts University. She has also been awarded the Photographic Craftsmen Degree, a Master of Photography Degree, and became a Certified Professional Photographer, all through Professional Photographers of America.In addition to being a skilled aerial photographer for our team, Louise had also made her name as an award winning photographer for weddings, portraits, special events, and architectural interiors for over 25 years. With her finger on the shutter and her eye on the shot, everything comes to life with beauty, utility and professionalism, whether on the ground or in the air. Her photos and videos are unforgettable.


Pictures from the Sky takes safety very seriously during each of our sessions regardless of time or season. We have full liability and equipment coverage and are able to supply certificates of insurance at any time.  We also follow safety measures before and during each shoot that include:

  • A full site survey and risk assessment.
  • Pre and post flight equipment safety checks
  • Emergency procedures review
  • Full flight operation brief before each departure
  • Confirmation of permission from property owners and FAA for flying in the area.
  • Monitoring the weather and conditions in the area.
  • Communication with the pilots and defer to their final call about the flight safety.
  • Communication with the client about the goals for each shoot and safety measures that will need to be taken into account prior to the session.
  • General safety measures such as safe flying over the area, avoidance of distracted flying and upholding all regulations by the FAA.
  • We use a Visual Observer to allow the operation of the equipment as safely as possible.
  • We have over 2,000 safe flight operations.